I just wanted to share a few shots taken from our engagement shoot back in March. It honestly feels like ages ago since so many incredible things have happened since then. Who would have thought we would be getting pregnant so soon?




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30 Weeks

My OB wasn’t kidding when she said that the 3rd trimester is all about survival. I don’t recall going through this much discomfort when I was pregnant with my first {back in ’92}. The 24/7 back pain, Braxton Hicks contractions, and just the overall feeling of constant fatigue is starting to get to me. Thankfully, I will be going on an early maternity leave in a couple of weeks.   

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25 Weeks

My pregnancy is becoming more and more challenging as the weeks go by. A recently-discovered condition requires me to temper my active lifestyle and get more rest. Hence, I have taken a break from my pole and barre instruction, and lessening the chore work at home as well. It’s not easy, I have to admit. My body misses what it’s accustomed to, and it seems that the more I rest, the more aches and pains I feel. Ah… to be pregnant at 38 is certainly dipping into a whole new fertility bracket.

Michael Kors dress – similar here, Zara shoes (old), Bracelets – Cartier

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Labor Day Weekend

photo 8

Santa Barbara has always been a favorite go-to destination for long weekends since it is only a 2-hour drive, and a manageable one at that considering I am 25 weeks pregnant. For the Labor Day holiday, the hubby and I, along with friends, drove up the coast and enjoyed the beach and somewhat cooler temperature.

photo 2{Uniqlo tunic, Missoni for Target skirt (old) – similar here, Calvin Klein Bennie sandals, Rayban aviators, Hermés and Cartier bracelets}

photo 3 photo 4photo 6photo 5photo 7photo 1

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With the husband away on a 2 1/2 week business trip, I am finding myself more and more fatigued. While some may use this opportunity as “me time”, I, on the other hand, am the complete opposite. While I still continue to teach barre (which drives me to the point of just enough exhaustion, but not quite drained), it’s the ‘being-home-alone’ factor that gets to me. Plus the fact that I have to cook my own meals now, drive myself to doctor’s appointments and do all the household chores. Not that I mind, because I enjoyed doing all that when I was single. I suppose these last 20+ weeks of spoiling from my husband has, well, spoiled me. 

Coming home to an empty house with no one to converse with is not exactly a pleasant experience especially to someone with child. (I blame it on the pregnancy hormones). And yes, while technology makes distant communication much more bearable, it can never replace human touch. 

And so I shall continue to count the days upon his return… in the meantime, I will have to be content with Ruca’s hugs and kisses. AND the baby’s constant nudges.

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Halfway point at 20 Weeks

20 weeks{BCBG dress – similar here & here, Sam & Libby wedges, Cartier Love bracelets}

20 weeks

20 weeks

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It’s A Boy!

It's A Boy!

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