Weekly iPhone Snaps

25 Jun

Last weekend was spent at the 2012 International Pole Convention where I had the pleasure of taking VIP workshops with the phenomenal Cleo the Hurricane and Oona Kivela. Cleo was just fabulous! Über down-to-earth, extremely attentive, encouraging and helpful and just really really awesome to have as an instructor! Her exuberant vibe was infectious and it made the workshop a lot of fun! Oona reminded me of a strict Russian ballet teacher in my past. Very technical and demanding, she expected and commanded 100% from her students. Most everything I learned in her workshop I will definitely be using in an upcoming performance! (I have to master the Russian split by then!)

I was also fortunate enough to meet Felix Cane and Zoraya Judd. They were both such sweethearts! I regret not taking Felix’s workshop though.

I had the most delicious grilled mahi mahi caesar salad at the Lazy Dog Cafe upon A’s return from his 3-week New York trip. The oh-so-creamy dressing was a splurge, but oh-so-delicious when paired with the balsamic reduction.



A had his favorite pastrami sandwich and corn succotash.


Couldn’t help but photograph the free-for-all dog-bone-shaped mints at the cafe. Adorable!

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