Weekly iPhone Snaps

05 Feb

I haven’t been keeping my promise to do a regular Weekly iPhone Snaps post, so to make up for all the lost time, here is a mash up of what I’ve taken in the last couple of weeks.

She always gets the best seat in the house…

I discovered Sea Snax at the recent Fitness Expo at the LA Convention Center. I think it is the best guilt-free snack!

I only eat sushi if it’s been made with brown rice…

The best part about driving this car is that I get a temperature-controlled back massage every time 🙂

After many months of contemplating, I finally decided to order this bike. I’m expecting it in the next day or two… can’t wait! I’m now looking to buy some cool accessories. Will adding a basket make it look gay? I’m considering buying one of the Asungtaba baskets beautifully made by Ghanaian weavers (take a look here). I think this one in particular would look fabulous on my bike!

Instead of outfitting my wrist with bracelets and cuffs, I used a twilly ♥ 

Of course, this post would not be complete without a photo of Ruca ♥

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Posted by on February 5, 2012 in Life, Photography


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