19 Jan

I have been physically working myself to the bone these past several months. I do 4 pole and 2 ballet barre classes a week, and occasionally, I throw in a chickfit bootcamp class when I’m feeling up to it. (I have yet to join the burlesque class!). Most days, I feel exhilirated. My strength has developed in leaps and bounds (in advanced pole particularly, you must be able to lift your body weight in order to invert, hold a pose and do a combination of tricks) and the flexibility I’ve had since way-back-when has further improved. But these past couple of weeks have let me truly fatigued. My shoulders have been sore thanks to continuous practice of the shoulder mount-split-jacknife combo (tutorials found here and here), and my legs and arms are so bruised up that my usually unfazed mom has begun to worry. My overall sense of well-being is just not up to par and it’s frustrating! I don’t think I have ever felt this fatigued in a long time! Years of dance and fitness training has taught me to always listen to my body. SO… I will TRY to lessen my classes (by focusing solely on pole and giving ballet barre a brief break) … and pencil in sometime to refresh and rejuvenate. First on my list: a massage appointment!

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Posted by on January 19, 2012 in Dance, Fitness, Health


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