Weekly iPhone Snaps

14 Oct

Healthy snacking for me usually consists of apples (or oranges and watermelon). I make it a point to eat 3 apples a day, usually before main meals, which in my case, is just lunch and dinner. My breakfast IS an apple. This week, I decided to treat myself and instead snacked on garlic & herb multi-grain baked crackers, with bacon parmesan dip & a dollop of roasted tomato pesto. Oh it was delish! I felt like I was eating a healthier version of fries and ketchup.

When I take Ruca to the mall for exercise, she like to find random spots to just lay down, rest and people-watch.

Of my shoe collection, only a handful have 6-inch heels (mostly YSL & some Loubies) and almost all of them are uncomfortable…EXCEPT these pale blue Marni sandals. They’re so light too, I can literally run in them. Isn’t the sole just adorable? They’re on sale now (at 65% off), so grab ’em while you still can.

Late night pole practice @ home doing the Extended Butterfly…

I’m getting my iPhone 4S today so all forthcoming iPhone Weekly Snaps series will have sharper pictures! Can’t wait!

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Posted by on October 14, 2011 in Life, Photography


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