Weekly iPhone Snaps

16 Sep

My teabags come w/ fortune-cookie-esque messages that never fail to put me in a reflective mood in the morning. These two are the only ones I managed to snap photos of this past week.


This is just one of the many healthy meals I cook while on my detox diet. It’s sauteed lean ground beef which I seasoned in organic herbs, garlic, onions, salt & pepper, then tossed in steamed cauliflower florets. Any type of oil is not allowed so I use water when I cook, or sometimes a low-sodium organic broth. Delish! Who says detox is hell? I am enjoying mine!

Of my newly-acquired Missoni stash, I find that these silk scarves are best used as twillys. The green weave in the fabric offsets the fuschia beautifully, and wonderfully complements my purse! Score!20110915-012209.jpg


A few months ago, I started a Figure-Friendly-Fridays gig at work and bring in a veggie tray plus an assortment of fruits. Since my detox 12 days ago, I have been avoiding the ranch dressing. I just can’t seem to come up with a just-as-delicious alternative 😦

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