Weekly iPhone Snaps

19 Aug

After one too many snooze-button-presses on Monday morning, I grabbed the first thing in my closet that caught my eye without realizing it perfectly matched my current nail lacquer, China Glaze in secret periwinkle. I don’t normally like to look all matchy-matchy, but I thought it worked out just fine.

Because I work so close to home, I have the luxury of having home-cooked meals for lunch during the week. Monday’s lunch consisted of prosciutto chicken with asparagus spears in a beurre blanc sauce and a creamy tomato risotto. It was one of the rare occasions I ate white rice (!).

My mid-week happy hour drinks @ Eureka – Dogfish Head Festina Pecehe beer and a fresh cucumber mojito. I normally don’t drink beer (my poison is a strong Long Island iced tea) but upon the server’s prodding, I tried the peach-infused festina pecehe and actually enjoyed it. 20110817-054837.jpg



I swear, Ruca thinks she is a human being. See how lays in bed!

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Posted by on August 19, 2011 in Life, Photography


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