Weekly iPhone Snaps

22 Jul

This is what my morning routine consists of… a cup of Keurig-brewed green tea with half a packet of Stevia. Other times, I put in a swirl of agave syrup. Possibly the best (and healthiest!) replacement for coffee!

Essie’s Tart Deco found its colorful way onto my nails this week. From the bottle, it seemed like a muted peach. Once I put on 2 coats, it was as neon as neon could get. So what did I do? I matched it with a just-as-bright yellow top! I find myself incorporating a lot of bright colors into my wardrobe this summer and I ♥ it!

I think I may have to stop stacking soon. My poor watches and bracelets are getting pretty banged up 😦

Another abused item of mine…I’ve been using this Kelly Pochette as a cosmetics bag inside my purse. It didn’t take long for it to get scratches on the hardware and dirt on the stitching 😦  I badly need to get it back to tip top shape!

The latest addition to my ever-growing lip color collection – Dior Addict in Tokyo (422), the quintessential sheer peachy pink hue everybody needs for the summer! It’s extremely hydrating that I tend to skip lip balm.

My not-so-secret secret weapon against accidental spillage. This stays in my purse regardless where I go. I find it works better than my ‘ol Tide-to-go pen. It even worked on an old carpet stain at home. And that makes my OC tendencies very happy!

Nothing beats lunch like some homemade sushi made by your significant other. Delish!


My addiction…Thai tea with tapioca pearls. I must’ve had it 3x this week alone!

How did your week go?

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