06 Jul

I had an extra day to my holiday weekend due to the fact that I was off work on Tuesday following the 4th of July. No, it’s not because I needed a “recovery” day. It was student & parent orientation @ FIDM. As we entered the school premises and were welcomed with this (photo below), it truly kicked in that my pumpkin is now officially a college student.

With all the activities lined up for the day, I took in (for the nth time) everything I could possibly absorb, including the awesome displays and installations along the corridors.

FIDM alum and one of my favorite designers, Monique Lhuillier’s work was one of the many highlights on display.

The library is chockful of reference material, including the largest Vogue collection dating back to January 1938.

 {all photos taken on my iPhone}

I sometimes find myself scratch my head in amazement how the heck has time gone by so quickly. Seriously. None, I repeat, NONE of my friends have kids in college, much less high school. Well, except for my bff’s son (and my godson) who recently started his freshman year in high school. Seeing Camille start on this new adventure brings me so much pride and joy. (Did I really sound that cliché-ish?). Given all the hardships that solo parenting brings, it definitely is worth everything. (And yet again, another cliché!).

Is there anyone out there in her mid-30s going through the same thing?

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