Weekly iPhone Snaps

13 May

With my love of cooking (and baking), grocery shopping has always been a pleasurable chore for me. I frequent the ranch market for fresh fruits, produce, meats & seafood almost on a weekly basis. On this past trip, I decided to photo some of my favorites.

20110507-124350.jpgPricey but delicious hamachi

20110507-122455.jpgRed Snapper

Crabs & Oysters

Got these adorable “Pupcakes” at the Three Dog Bakery in old town Pasadena. Ruca devoured them in seconds!20110508-065100.jpg

I love the stitch-detail, specator-feel and burgundy ombré tint of these Max Studio Fury pumps. Wearing them makes me feel very 1920’s preppy. I own very few pairs of heels that I can literally run in, and this is one of them.

For boxing night at a friend’s home, my honey made sushi (as usual!) while I was in charge of dessert. Pictured below is one of his spicy tuna shrimp tempura rolls. Absolutely delish!


Here’s the batch of creme brûlée I made, fresh out of the oven!


Just before serving, I torched the individual ramekins… 


..then garnished w/ sliced strawberries, dark belgian chocolate shavings & confectioner’s sugar…

Here’s the finished product! 


I adore the new 4-door Mini Cooper Countryman! It’s the perfect little car for running around town.


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