Thoughts on turning 36

27 Apr

I have never been one to hesitate revealing my age, when asked. I actually enjoy seeing the expression on people’s faces when I say how old I am, then nonchalantly and casually let them know I have an 18-year old. They take a brief moment (to calculate how young I must have been when I had Camille), then say one of the following: a) I thought you meant you had an 18-month old baby!; b) Wow, you must always be mistaken as sisters!; and c) You’re lucky you don’t look your age! NO FAIL. It’s a script I’ve heard hundreds of times.

I never really felt the whole “aging” process until last week, when I turned 36. And it’s not the age, really. I think 36 is still quite young, if I may say so myself (although Camille will disagree — she thinks anyone over 30 is old). What makes me feel “old” is the fact that in less than 3 months, Camille will be off to college. It’s hard for me to imagine what her college life will be like because mine was an altogether completely different experience. I already had her when I started university, then shortly found myself in the middle of a marriage so shaky you would think I was going through a mid-life crisis. I was just about the same age as Camille is now.

At 18, I had already gone through quite a lot. At 18, Camille is just about to embark on an adventure I can only pray to be fulfilling, exciting and purposeful.

I am so grateful to be at this age because it has given me a renewed sense of purpose and meaning in the single-parenting-journey that I continue to trek. I know greater things are on the horizon!

On that note, allow me to share sme photos taken during my birthday dinner at Yamashiro

The “sisters”…

He-who-has-my-back…my best friend, soulmate & partner for life…

The view from the hill is spectacular, especially at night. Thursday evenings are extra fun with the farmers market from 5-9pm. Read more on it here.

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