What to Pack

11 Apr

I have always been terrible at packing. I can never decide what to take with me, so I end up over-packing every single time. I usually give mysef a couple of weeks lead time to ensure I don’t forget anything.

My honey and I are celebrating our upcoming birthdays on a cruise so I have been spending the last several days planning in my head what outfits to bring for each and every activity we plan to partake in. Since I hosted my sister and bro-in-law on their recent vacation, I wasn’t able to give myself ample time to prepare. (of course, by “ample”, I mean 2 weeks).

I’ve always wanted to put together a packing checklist, but I soon realized that such a task would be impossible for the fickle-minded me. I figured, the easiest way for me to go about this is to put together a mood board of essentials. Hopefully this will get my packing finally done! 

Summery dresses…

Dressy frocks for Captain’s Night and date-night dinners… 

Casual wear…

Lightweight scarves, wraps & capes for when it gets chilly on deck…

Poolside loungewear…

Comfy espadrilles, sandals and flats for walking around comfortably…

 Evening shoes for Captains’ night…

Flip flops and jelly sandals for poolside and water fun!

Sunglasses & a floppy hat to keep harmful rays at bay…


Wish me luck! 

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Posted by on April 11, 2011 in Accessories, Fashion, Travel


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