Weekly iPhone Snaps

23 Jan

1. I’ve been using MUFE Duo Mat powder foundation for the last few months. I love it’s texture and versatility. I use it both as a foundation and touch-up powder.

2. The iPod shuffle was our holiday giveaway at the office (thanks to me and my awesome ideas!). I use mine when I work out. Before this, I was so used to the regular iPod Touch… I find this to be more practical for working out.

3. I usually have fruit in the morning; which kind depends on my mood. These days, it’s been apples…

4. On my desk at work, I stock four 500ml bottles of water daily. I love challenging myself to see them empty up as the day progresses.

5. Philosophy…a fragrance for your soul is my daily scent for work… it sucks that the company has stopped producing it. I will have to revert to my usual Banana Republic W once I finish this bottle. On weekends, I wear a different perfume.

6. I have been wearing these boots most of this week. There’s something about a buckled, military-style boot that just makes it so darn easy to work an outfit around.

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Posted by on January 23, 2011 in Life, Photography


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