What I’ve learned from Miroslava Duma

24 Nov

My girl-crushing on Harper’s Bazaar Russia’s former editor has taught me quite a few things…


Black leather can be worn a myriad of ways and still look fresh.


Wearing leather in colors other than black can be tremendously striking.


Sometimes, Hermès is the ONLY accessory you need.


Jackets and blazers don’t always have to be so boring.


Gold looks best when worn in moderation.


Overcoats aren’t only for the leggy.


An outfit doesn’t have to look polished to be stylish.


Casual should NEVER look sloppy.



If you want to go bold, red is the way to go.


Adding leopard print or (faux) fur to your ensemble kicks it up a notch.


Black and navy are always safe, classic & elegant choices.


ALWAYS travel in style.


Being pregnant CAN be chic.


Miroslava Duma is now a freelance writer, contributing to L’Officiel Russia, Glamour Russia, the style section at Russian OK Magazine, and Russian Tatler. She also founded a charity called “Mira’s Planet.

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Posted by on November 24, 2010 in Beauty, Fashion


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