Kitchen Rehash

15 Oct

I have been recently obsessed with overhauling my kitchen stuff… not too much on the appliances, but more on the plates, utensils, and the like. I’m attracted to these bamboo dinner plates from Crate & Barrel, I just don’t like that they’re disposable. I found a reusable bamboo plate on Amazon (below left), which suits my style more, given that all my existing plateware are either square or some unusual shape (funny how I don’t own any round dinner plates). This bamboo  party plate (below right) is adorable and very practical! It holds your appetizers & a glass for those oftentimes awkward pre-dinner chit-chat.


I have never been a shabby chic or quirky type of gal. Everything in my home is modern. But recently, these items have caught my eye…


Inside Out bowls and Bright Morning teacups


Eglise Saint-Louis gravy boat (I would use it for salad dressings or dessert sauces)

and Kanto & Kansai sauce dishes


Paddle Wood cheese server and Nam Chim spreaders


Twiggy chopsticksSticky teaspoons and Cour D’Honneur serving spoons


Sushi Queen flatwareBronze Age flatware, and Sun-tipped silverware



Zinnia Thicket salad platesLadies-in-Waiting dinner plates, and Peacock dinnerware




Monogrammed mugs

Helianthus goblets

Captured Silverware glasses (L-R: for red wine, champagne, white wine)

Inkwell & Argent platter and Dandelion platter



Banana Fruit platter


Detailed Drawing platemats


Lipari olive oil bottles



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Posted by on October 15, 2010 in Culinary, Shopping


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