Back on track

29 Apr

Having trained in dance for over 15 years, it comes naturally for me to want to be fit. My body shuts down & feels sluggish without physical activity. Whenever my schedule permits, I take dance/jazz classes. Performances give me a high. Our extravaganza last summer was a blast to be a part of. It’s a pity I didn’t get to join this summer’s cast of The Wiz. I just couldn’t fit the classes into my schedule (what with the other classes I also take at LA Fitness). I have amassed drawers full of dancewear and ballet/ jazz shoes; it’s a shame to put them to waste. I know my mom has kept boxes and boxes of costumes from years past. I have gone through several dozens of pointe shoes as well, a few of which are in usable condition still.

 In the beginning of 2010, I took a 3-month hiatus from the gym (what a way to start the new year, right?). I immediately noticed how my metabolism slowed down, and how my body seemed to be in a permanent funk. I recently called off the hiatus and am back to actively sweating it out in the gym with boxing, kickboxing, pilates, bodyworks, latin impact & zumba. Surprisingly, my body did not ache as much as I expected it to. The morning after my 1st kickboxing class, I felt a bit sore, but it only lasted for about a day. It feels awesome to be back on the exercise track. (Especially because summer is less than 2 months away!)

Now, all I need is some new workout gear. Lululemon, Lucy, Athleta, here I come!


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