Lifeguard Tower Residence, Hermosa Beach

03 Apr

Designer/builder Steve Lazar grew up with the ocean his entire life. He has always pulled inspiration from iconic seaside architecture, piers, sailboats & yachts, that most of the custom homes he has designed have the ambiance of an idyllic island adventure. His latest home, dubbed The Lifeguard Tower, certainly does not disappoint. Located in Hermosa Beach, CA, this 4-bedroom, 3-bath 3,400 sq. ft. three-storey structure is comprised of three trapezoidal levels built on top of each other. The look-out tower room offers a picturesque 1,600 sq. ft. grass-covered entertainment deck facing the ocean. And if that isn’t enough, Lazar ensured that The Lifeguard Tower incorporates green living, by using weather-worn reclaimed wood, a sophisticated water filtration system, and on-demand radiant heating & air. Windows are dual-glazed with a coat of shaded reflective film which reflects the heat of the sun, keeping the home cool year-round.

Lazar has creatively and methodically managed to appeal to both traditional and contemporary architecture buffs with the Lifeguard Tower.  It is a romantic gesture to the past and a simultaneous whimsical nod to contemporary California beachside living.

Photos and content courtesy of Contemporist.

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Posted by on April 3, 2010 in An Inside Peek, Home


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