All about the children

24 Dec

I’ve always believed that Christmas is all about the children. I remember how, for 13 years, I played Santa to Camille. Year after year, she would write her letter and I would mail it out (but secretly hide it in my treasure trove of “Camille’s letters & drawings”). My whole family would always come up with neat tricks to get her all excited about her gift’s arrival. One year, my brother went atop the roof of our house and slowly dropped off Camille’s present on our front lawn using a rope. That was pretty cool. Camille was actually kind of scared as she watched her beautifully wrapped gift land on the grass. On her 13th year, the painful truth was revealed to her in a letter that ‘Santa’ attached to her present. Boy was she upset! She truly, truly, truly believed in her heart, mind and soul, that Santa Claus existed. To this day, I remain unforgiven for having deceived her.

All my nieces & nephews here have grown up. (My two young nephews — whom I miss terribly — Marco and Enzo, live in Manila). Almost two years ago, my cousin and his wife were blessed with their 4th child, after 14 years. Madilyn Mariah Irene Arana. She has been (and continues to be) the joy of our family and certainly the ray of sunshine that never fails to brighten up my day! Tomorrow will be her 2nd Christmas and I am looking forward to creating new memories with her.

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Posted by on December 24, 2009 in Family, Special Occasions


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