A Punch of Color

08 Dec

I can be very anal about my home. Everything has to be clean, clean, clean. I can put my vacuum cleaner, swiffer and what-have-you to work like it’s nobody’s business.

I’ve always adored an immaculate white couch. But having a kid can prove to be fatal to owning one. So I waited until she was much older. I went through a black leather couch phase until the time had come for me to finally put in a beautiful white sectional in my living room. This was some years back and I have religiously maintained its purity since. Of course, this is not to say that there weren’t any accidents. Yes, even if my daughter is much older now, she can still be a bit reckless at times. That, and the fact that we have a puppy who thinks the couch is her playground.

Being the minimalist person that I am, I have kept my throw pillows to shades of gray & a muted periwinkle.

Seeing how adorable & whimsical these pillows are here, here and here, I am considering adding a punch of color to brighten up my couch…

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Posted by on December 8, 2009 in Home


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