Date Night

04 Nov

Having a kid at an early age threw the dating scene out the window for me. Now that my daughter is all grown up, I am once again, able to enjoy the occasional night out. I stumbled upon this pleated bodice dress by Willow on Net-a-porter and could not help but conjure up an ideal date outfit. I am not one to conform to what’s expected. I like to mix things up. In jewelry, I don’t hesitate in wearing white, yellow & rose gold pieces together. In fact, I even like to throw in different colored stones while I’m at it. In other words, I don’t wear your typical jewelry set where the earring setting matches the ring, bracelet & necklace design. I find that too conventional and perhaps reserved only for women over 50. I can be a bit bohemian when it comes to accessorizing. In the same breath, I don’t usually match my shoes with my purse. The result can be a disaster, if not done tastefully. Following your instinct on what looks right and more importantly, what feels right, is key.

Date Night

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Posted by on November 4, 2009 in Accessories, Fashion


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